{How It Works}

Authors- once you schedule your tour I will need you to gather all your book and author information (cover image, blurb, excerpt, buy links, author bio and author photo and links) then send it to me so I can create your blog tour page, your custom media kit and an invitation for bloggers/team members to become part of your virtual tour

I will continue to email bloggers and look for other promotional venues for you until your tour is full.

Once I have a schedule created for you I will send you your tour schedule and keep you up to date letting you know what is needed and offering suggestions- I will also send updates of any changes to your tour schedule.

I act as the  "middle man"  between bloggers and authors- I set up the tour stops and send all the information back and forth- bloggers and authors work with me directly so they don't have to keep track of anything. This means I can keep track of who receives what and what still needs to be done- freeing the author up for writing.

I am available to answer any questions- from bloggers or authors. 

I will work one on one with authors to help with guest blog topics, brainstorming and deciding on giveaways and other tour details

Once the tour has started, I promote everyday on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Authors, once your tour has started,  I highly recommend that you are actively involved in each post of the tour - visiting all your stops and getting to know the readers following your tour.  Also please thank your host for having you at their site- good manners can go along way.

Readers LOVE it when the author talks with them, so be sure to try and respond to any comments left by readers and fans. It makes the tour meaningful and forges an important connection. You will create lasting relationships that will continue through your writing career.

I also recommend that an author posts the tour event schedule on their website and/or blog. Also, to tweet and add links to Facebook and your other social media pages every day- the more promotion you receive the more successful the tour will be. This is a joint effort between the author, the bloggers and myself. The more participation the more successful the tour will be.

Bloggers, I ask that the author receive the top spot at your blog on the day of their tour stop- this means nothing should go above their spotlight stop on their guest day

I also request that bloggers try to have tour stops scheduled to go live by 6am EST

Above all I want everyone to enjoy the tour process and not stress about it,we're all doing this because we love books.

~A note on reviews: Authors please understand I do not control the reviewers. If a blogger is not happy with your book this will be just like any other review - they will post honest and sometimes critical reviews of your book. Please be prepared to handle honest reviews.

NOTE TO AUTHORS: if you hate writing guest blogs or can not write guest blogs let me know ahead of time as 99% of tour hosts will ask for a guest blog unless asked when the tour stop is set up if they could post something other than a guest blog- like an interview, list, character profile, excerpt, etc. Please do not wait until I send your schedule- or worse, wait until we are in the middle of the tour to decide you don't want to write guest blogs

Please understand Buried Under Books Blog Tours is not responsible for missed stops on your tour. After the tour is scheduled and all of the tour materials have been sent out, it is the responsibility of the Blogger who signed up for the tour to post materials on their designated day.

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